Crabby Croissant Sandwich

March 25, 2021

Crabby Croissant Sandwich

Makes enough for 2 Croissants:

1-2 tubs crabmeat

2 Croissants

1 tomato

6 slices Swiss cheese


Take 1 tub of crab and mix in bowl with mayo to your liking. I like lots of crab so I might mix up 2 tubs and use say 1.5 tubs for 2 sandwiches..

Slice croissants and put bottoms on cookie sheet. Add I slice Swiss cheese on croissant. I do this so bottom croissant doesn’t get soggy after adding crab.  Top with a good portion of mixed crab. Then add tomato slices. Another slice of Swiss on top of tomato. Top with the other half of croissant. One more slice of cheese on top.

Put in 350-degree oven for approx. 10 minutes or until you see cheese melted.

Plate with a side of slaw and go at it with a fork and knife.