Crabby Croissant Sandwich

Crabby Croissant Sandwich Makes enough for 2 Croissants: 1-2 tubs crabmeat 2 Croissants 1 tomato 6 slices Swiss cheese Mayonnaise Take 1 tub of crab and mix in bowl with mayo to your liking. I like lots of crab so I might mix up 2 tubs and use say 1.5 ...

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Nanas Haddock Chowda Recipe

2 lb Haddock                      ground pepper (to taste) 4 Bacon strips                           salt (pinch) 1 onion diced                            Half & Half 16 oz. +- 2 med. size cubed potatoes    Butter (1/4 to1/2 stick) Cook bacon til crispy in pan, remove bacon strips, leave most of fat. Throw diced onion in pan, cook til tender. Add 1.5 cups +– H2O ...

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Haddock Balfouri

Ingredients per serving:  angel hair pasta enough for one serving .50 lb. of haddock  1 lemon  olive oil / 1/4 stick butter   1tsp. crushed garlic or more half cup white wine  tomato cilantro to sprinkle on top In baking pan I top haddock with Mozzarella and diced tomatoes then bake ...

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