Nanas Haddock Chowda Recipe

March 25, 2021

2 lb Haddock                      ground pepper (to taste)
4 Bacon strips                           salt (pinch)
1 onion diced                            Half & Half 16 oz. +-
2 med. size cubed potatoes    Butter (1/4 to1/2 stick)

Cook bacon til crispy in pan, remove bacon strips, leave most of fat. Throw diced onion in pan, cook til tender. Add 1.5 cups +– H2O bring to boil. Add small cubed potatoes skins on, cover, cook til slightly tender test with fork. May need to add a bit more H20 if water boils away. Then take and lay full pieces haddock right on top, cover, steam til done (approx. 5 min.) or fish pulls apart with a fork. Reduce heat, add half & half, butter, pepper, salt. Crush up bacon strips, add on top. Stir gently trying not to break up to much.  Serve with rolls or corn bread.

NOTE: May want to add more or less half & half. Sometimes I’ll add a tub of crabmeat and a dollop of sour cream. Do not boil after cream added. Enjoy any time of the year.